ACP Extended (ACPE2)

xF2 Add-on ACP Extended (ACPE2) 1.3.0

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1
This add-on offers many features that make working in the ACP easier and safer.

Many functions from the well known ACPE for XenForo 1 Add-On have been taken over and many new ones have been added.

Take a look at the pictures and read the feature list.

  • Info the debug mode is active
  • Server Infos
  • Switch debug mode on / off (Debug Mode in the front visible to admins!)
  • Logout button moved up
ACP -> Options:
  • Option can be sorted
    • by default
    • by ABC
    • by manually
  • Disable Add-On Icons
  • Disable Add-On List on Index-Page
  • Disable Statistics on Index-Page
  • Display Debug-Mode warning
  • Disable XF Server environment report
ACP -> Firewall:
  • Allow access to AdminCP from specific IPs.
  • Send E-Mail: all fails eg Wrong password/Unknow User, wrong IP
ACP -> Add-ons:
  • List by active and inactive add-ons
ACP -> Logs:
  • Clear: Email bounce log
  • Clear: User change logs
  • Clear: Moderator log
  • Clear: Admin log
  • Clear: Spam trigger log
  • Clear: Spam cleaner log
  • Clear: Rejected user log
  • Clear: Image proxy log
  • Clear: Link proxy log
  • Clear: oEmbed log
ACP -> Forums:
  • "Who voted?"
  • List soft delete Threads
    • hard delete Option
  • List soft delete Post
    • hard delete Option
  • Show Voters (based on Permissions)
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