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xF2 Add-on AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics v1.4.0

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AdBlock Detected Tracker & Statistics silently tracks users that use AdBlock.

AdBlock Detected Tracker also tracks guests individually as well as registered users.

Use the power of Xenforo usergroups to deal with AdBlocker’s in a way that works best for your community.

  • Quietly identify users blocking advertisements
  • Review statistics and charts to see the frequency of AdBlocking within your community
  • Designate a specific usergroup for AdBlockers within Xenforo usergroup system
  • Promote paid membership to AdBlockers
    • Remove benefits or features for AdBlock Users
    • Or, simply target special “notices” to AdBlock users
    • Use the power of usergroup designations creatively
  • You set the limits for addition and removal to your AdBlock usergroup based on the number of times AdBlock is used
  • Silent no-nag detection
  • Robots such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex (and about 100 others) are all ignored and not counted
  • You set the number of subsequent detection’s before moving users to a designated "AdBlock" usergroup
  • You set the number of subsequent non-detection’s to remove/demote users from the designated "AdBlock" usergroup
  • View guests by IP if selected
  • Track-only mode (simply collect statistics on your users that use AdBlock software)
    • This disables usergroup promotion and demotion
  • Full charts for each: Guests, Users, and Global (both)
  • View statistics and charts on AdBlock usage across your users
  • Per-page-view tracking
  • Ignore designated usergroups from tracking (admins, mods, etc)
  • Fully “phrased” for multilingual and internationalization
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Latest updates

  1. v1.4.0

    Added browser detection for "googleweblight" crawler user agent Randomized a key element
  2. v1.3.0

    Usergroup swap rate modifier (increase limits for users that abuse usergroup swapping) Increases...
  3. v1.2.9.1

    Fixed bug whereby admin statistics page opened the wrong right-hand side menu\