Critical Update

This version makes guest purchases compatible with Google Chrome's latest version (97).

We strongly recommend that all customers running previous versions of Paid Registrations upgrade to this release as soon as possible.
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  • Improved XF 2.2.6 compatibility
  • Prevents errors "Trying to get property 'extraData' of non-object" and "Creating default object from empty value" when performing certain actions
New Features:
  • Adds AJAX "apply" button for coupon code input
  • Adds support for 100% off / completely free coupon codes (no more $0.01 minimum)
Other Changes:
  • Improves compatibility with MySQL 8
  • Fixes a bug that prevented account types from showing on the purchase page in some cases
Main Changes:
  • XF 2.2 Compatibility
Other Changes:
  • Optimizes account type options to better fit into screen/popup modal
  • Fixes error when trying to upgrade an account type with aliases in some cases
New Features:
  • Early Extend/Renewal (PRO ONLY): Allow extending non-recurring user upgrades before they expire
  • Expiry email/alert reminders (PRO ONLY)
    • Configure days before expiration (multiple days supported)
  • Added option to preselect a default account upgrade alias
  • Added collapsable button for Gift Upgrade section
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an "unexpected values" error in some situations


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Fixes errors some users were experiencing after upgrading to 1.7.
We recommend all users upgrade to this version.

Major Release (New Features / Bug Fixes) (ver 1.7.0)

We're happy to bring you version 1.7. We have completely re-done the way guest payments are handled, no longer rely on deferring IPNs. User upgrades are now applied instantly for guest purchases + more!

New features:
  • A new and improved process for handling guest purchases: no more IPN related issues, guest user upgrades apply instantly, and overall more reliable process
  • Coupons system (PRO ONLY)
    • Flat amount or percentage
    • Limited or unlimited uses
    • Start date / End date
    • User group permissions
    • Allow all or specific account types
    • Special thanks to @fionix for sponsoring this feature
  • Automatically cancel recurring Stripe subscriptions using the Stripe API when deleting a user account (PRO ONLY)
  • The following 2 features are ready, but because this is a major upgrade, we want to wait 1-2 weeks before releasing them (in 1.7.1). That way, we can take care of any issues with this release first (if any)
    • Allow extending user upgrades before they expire
    • Expiry email/alert reminders
  • Improved stability with XF 2.1.9
  • Fixes an issue that would prevent user upgrade purchase receipts from sending in some cases
  • Fixes an issue with guests not being redirected back from PayPal to complete their registration correctly


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New Features:
- Adds a quick toggle to enable/disable account types

Bug Fixes:
- Improves responsive view when side nav and sidebar are enabled in the account upgrades page for logged in users
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Important: If you take Stripe payments, make sure to upgrade ASAP.
Starting September 14, many European banks will start declining payments that aren't SCA-ready.

  • XF 2.1.4 compatibility
  • Stripe SCA support (Strong Customer Authentication)
  • Stripe guest payments will now show the correct emails in the Stripe dashboard

New features:
  • Enable/disable gifting by individual account types
  • User group permissions for who can purchase each account type


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Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes a bug that would log some guest payments as errors in the payment log as "user_upgrades does not support payments from guests"
  • Fixes "undefined variable" error when attempting to gift to an invalid user
  • "Gift" buttons are now hidden if gifting is disabled in AdminCP
New Features:
  • Improved stability for XF 2.1.3
  • "Gift Upgrade" button in messages postbit (enable/disable via style property)
  • "Gift Upgrade" button in user profiles and hover menu (enable/disable via style property)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed reported errors relating to "extra_data"
  • Fixed reported errors relating to "invalid purchase request"


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