[AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x

xF2 Add-on [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x 1.8.0

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
Visible Branding
Additional Requirements
[AL] Core package - https://enxf.net/resources/al-core-package.1677/
Link XF Versions
XF2.1: https://enxf.net/resources/addonslab-guest-posting-for-xenforo-2-x.1082/version/6161/download
Add-On Information

The add-on allows guests to create threads/posts replies, and register after they have posted the content. This makes posting on your forums attractive, but handles spam message and invalid registrations automatically by periodically deleting all messages posted by guests, who did not end up registered on your site.

Admin Panel options page allows you to enable/disable posting of threads and replies. Guests see a constant message once they have posted a thread/reply asking them to register or login. If users login with an existing account, their content is automatically associated with their account and made visible. Users are redirected to their content immediately after logging-in.

After successful registration, the content is associated with the new account, but it is not activated until users confirm their email/are approved by admins. If email confirmation and user moderation are disabled, the content is activated immediately, however, still following the rules of per-forum configuration - forums, which require new thread/new post moderation, will keep the content moderated.

Trial Version
We offer seven days free trial version on our website. No credit card is required, the service is approved automatically upon registration and confirmation of order.

IonCube Loader and PHP 5.6+ are required to run trial version of the product. The full version does not have such requirements and does not have any encoded code in it.
  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
    Awaiting approval until email is confirmed.png
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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  • [AddonsLab] Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x
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