AndyB Trader

xF2 Add-on AndyB Trader v3.1

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Trader v3.1 changes:

Updated templates. Now using phrases which are more compatible with other languages.
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Trader v3.0 changes:

Fixed issue with null condition server error.
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Trader v2.9 changes:

Added check for invalid user ID.
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Trader v2.8 changes:

Fixed issues with multibyte and email language support.
Trader v2.7 changes:

Updated template code to work properly on third party styles.
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Trader v2.6 changes:

Remove no longer used templates and phrases.
Trader v2.5 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Trader v2.4 changes:

Added importer for Trader Feedback System.
Trader v2.3 changes:

Now supports importing iTrader data.
Trader v2.2 changes:

Updated setup to use schema manager.