AntiSpam by CleanTalk

xF2 Add-on AntiSpam by CleanTalk 2.9

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  • Fix: check sfw_temp table before insert.
  • Fix: E_DEPRECATED exception in Cleantalk.php.
  • Fix: http__get_headers() renamed to httpGetHeaders() and fixed.
  • Fix: Cron. Fix: Cron. Cron last start flag improved.
  • Fix: drop if exists.
  • Fix. SFW log query fixed.
Fix: Helper. Test remote call fixed.
Fix. SFW. Die page notice fixed.
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Fix: hashes.
Fix: lib folder name.
Upd: lib.
Fix: Cookies. 'samesite' attribute added.
Fix XF 2.1 issues.
Fix: sending logs.
Fix: Add script uri to basehost.
Fix: RC for subfolders fixed.
Fix: missing response class in cleaner.
Fix: Server url option fixed.
Fix: Spam Cleaner fixed.
Fix: SFW updating moved to a separated flow.
Fix: Backward compatibility for Xenforo 2.0.
Fix: SFW issues with large data.
Fix 2.2 XF compability.
Fix: Render template args.
Upd: Update classes.
New: content checking system. Users with fewer than 3 messages will be checked by plugin.
New: SFW page
Fix: Correct SubContainer initialization
New: Storing request's hash into db
New: Sending a feedback implemented
Fix: Agent become dynamic
Fix: Select hash fixed
New: SpamCleaner feedback integrated.
Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
Fix XFCP option extends
Fix internal stop words
Other minor improvements
New option for enable/disable spam check in conversations
New option for changing blocking method
Bug fixes and other minor improvements