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xF2 Add-on [BP] Welcome Notice 1.0.3

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1
GNU general public license (open source)
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This add-on was mainly created to use on my site with a new style I was creating for it. I have decided to release it to the community for free. I know users have done this before but this one is free and has a decent amount of options. I was using @BassMan paid add-on but decided to make my own new one with better options and make it more user friendly. This add-on also works with 2.0 but if your not using Xenforo 2.1 or higher you will simply need to change the register button icon from font awesome 5 to font awesome 4. This can be done by simply going to the register button style property and editing the preset css in the extra box.

Options include:

  • Ability to add title, description text, and image right from style properties
  • Ability to make notice full width or partial width right below navigation, directly above forums
  • Ability to make a widget out of it to get use out of other available positions
  • Ability to of course show logged out users only the notice but also for debugging purposes while setting it up to show admins only
  • Ability to show notice on forum home page only.
  • Unique option to add an overlay to keep the welcome image from standing out too much. Can choose overlay colors
  • Option to choose opacity for image
  • Style properties available for custom styling
[BP] Welcome Notice
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