[cXF] Advanced Footer

xF1 Add-on [cXF] Advanced Footer 1.8.0

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Compatible XF Versions
1.3, 1.4, 1.5
This add-on will add more features to footer. Read below for more information.

  • option to remove footer links
  • option to add one, two and/or three columns under default footer
  • option to add login form in footer column
  • option to have a fixed footer when scrolling on page with extra options
  • footer columns are designed to work on responsive design
  • footer columns are fully customizable (style properties and template)
  • style and language choosers are based on permission: you can hide/show it to different groups (they are off by default so check your group permissions)
  • option to add extra links to footer with possibility to open links in new tab
  • option to add Font Awesome icons beside footer links OR show only icons instead of text
  • option to always show only icons on mobile view for footer links
  • icons are customizable (color, hover color, size)
  • option to add login link in footer with possibility to open login form in an overlay
  • and more... (see screens below for more information)
Example screens:
  • [cXF] Advanced Footer: Fixed Footer example
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer: Fixed Footer on customizexf.com
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer: Video example
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer: Permissions
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer: Options
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer: Icons and text
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer: Icons only
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer default columns
[cXF] Advanced Footer

[cXF] Advanced Footer columns on cXF
[cXF] Advanced Footer

many style properties for customizing
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