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xF2 Add-on Daily Statistics 2.1.0

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  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Require php 7.0+
  • Depend on Standard Library by Xon (free) & remove dependency on old SV/Utils
  • Replace add-on png icon with font-awesome icon
  • Rename front-end phrases and simplify how front-end extend stats are rendered
    • Fixes some bad phrase & function names.
    • Fix "Active members" shouldn't show on the front-end
  • Add threadmarks support. By default; enabled in admincp but not the front-end.
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  • Fix front-end stats not displaying
  • Fix Active members would display Latest members instead
  • Update template to be more consistent
  • XF2 updates forum stats every ~10 minutes, so no point forcing a refresh when viewing the dashboard
  • Shorten admin navigation key, as a workaround for a bug fixed in XF2.0.12