illuminate (dark)

XF2 Style illuminate (dark)

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  • Removed the guest message on the Password Reset and Forgot Password pages since it was not necessary​
  • There were a few English strings in the German and Russian translations. These have now been translated​
  • Certain third party widget headers no longer display two icons​
  • The ‘ellipsis’ icon has been replaced on certain widget headers with more appropriate icons​
  • Teamspeak server URLs (ts3server://) have been added to the social icons​

  • The Background Picker now supports up to 10 images instead of 6
  • The icon on the reply button has been changed from the plus icon to an arrow icon
  • The navigation icon from the Siropu Chat add-on now works correctly
  • Long logo slogans should now wrap on smaller screens instead of exceeding the width of the theme
  • The “clickable node rows” now work when viewing individual category pages or subforms
  • If the sticky side panel is disabled by default, but you allow your members to toggle it using the toggle, they now (correctly) have the ability to do so
  • Node icons in the grid layout now use the same colour and background colour as their “list” versions, instead of being basic, unstyled icons.