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xF2 Add-on Improved Member Stats Widgets - Members Recently Online / Recently Registered 1.2.1

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  1. Avatars Only display style spacing has been fixed - 2px gap between each avatar.
  2. Usernames + Avatars display style has been added.
  3. Add-on / Widget titles have been updated to include [Sysnative].

Avatars Only

Usersnames and Avatars

Note: This has been tested with the default XF theme, however I've noticed that display styling for Usernames + Avatars can be slightly odd for custom themes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to identify a consistent cause, so this may need to be customised in your theme specifically to make sure username/avatar alignment works correctly.
1.1.1 has been released. This is a small upgrade, adding two new features:
  1. Exclude Usergroups - usergroup IDs can be specified in the Widget Options, to be excluded from the Members Recently Online display.
  2. Avatar Only - Display Styling has been upgraded to include an "Avatar Only" option, instead of full usernames.
This has been tested in multiple environments, including a large active site, but please let me know if you run into any bugs.
Minor bugfix to correct the "Total" counts when a max usernames limit is used.