Media File Renamer PRO

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Media File Renamer PRO

Rename in one-click
A new column in the Media Library will be displayed. By default, Media File Renamer recommends you an ideal filename based on the title of this media.
Media File Renamer PRO

By clicking on the button, the files will be renamed directly. You can lock or unlock this automatic process by using those little icons.
Media File Renamer PRO
This allows you to organize your renaming tasks efficiently.

Manual Rename
The Pro version was created almost two years after the first release of the Free version. It adds requested features, such as the Manual Rename. You can edit the filenames of your Media directly, through the Media Edit screen or through the Media Library.
Media File Renamer PRO

Different methods
The Free version only allows you to rename your files based on the title of this media. With the Pro, you can also do it based on the title of the post this media is attached to (or any other post types, such as pages, products, etc) or based on the ALT text.
Media File Renamer PRO

Dashboard & Bulk
If you are interested all the files at once, you can do it through the dashboard of Media File Renamer.
Media File Renamer PRO

Pro Version
  • Manual Rename features
  • Different methods to rename the files
  • Automatically append a counter behind the files
  • Logging of SQL Queries (to reverse the changes)
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