Opt-in Billing | Disable Billing Address for Subscriptions

IPS Plugins Opt-in Billing | Disable Billing Address for Subscriptions 1.2.1

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This plugin will prevent Commerce asking the customer for their real name and address information when purchasing a subscription.
  • Disable billing addresses completely or allow the customer to choose whether to enter a billing address by enabling opt-in billing. Opt-in billing will work for all purchases which do not require billing information, not just subscriptions.
  • Optionally disable billing addresses for all physical products. Useful if for example you would like to use Commerce's shipping feature for tracking purposes of non-physical goods.
Please note that if you use PayPal as a payment gateway with Billing Agreements set to Required, this plugin will not be able to help you as PayPal requires address information for Billing Agreements. If Billing Agreements are optional or disabled this plugin will work fine with PayPal.
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