[OzzModz] Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+

xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ 2.2.0 Beta 3

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
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Link XF Versions
XF2.1: https://enxf.net/resources/advanced-forms-for-xenforo-2-1.379/version/6142/download
Poll type forms are not working in XF 2.2 yet. Not sure when they will, but it's being worked on. Do not upgrade to XF 2.2 if poll type forms are detrimental to your site.

Advanced Forms can be used for just about any type of form you need!

  • Unlimited Form Types*
  • Unlimited Forms*
  • Unlimited Questions*
  • Different Forms for each Form Type
  • Different Questions for each Form
  • Show Multiple Form Types in sidebar and/or navigation tab
  • Control Form Type access by Usergroup, User Criteria
  • Control Form access by Usergroup, User Criteria
  • Notification of an form being submitted via Forum Thread and/or Email and/or Private Message
  • Instantly promote a user when they submit an form
  • Include a yes/no poll in a thread and automatically promote the user based on the poll results
  • Include a normal poll with no promotion options in a thread
  • Open a form when starting a new thread
  • Specify different forums for reports for each form
  • Define a default question set that can be included on all forms
  • Much, much more!
Changes from AAF for XenForo 1.x
  1. Form Types are now optional.
  2. Application Thank You moved from Form Type to Form itself.
  3. Question color moved from Add-on Options to Form Misc. Options.
  4. All Post/PC user info now uses names instead of user ids.
  5. Question order is now drag and drop.
  6. Form report Thread Prefix now a dropdown list of all prefixes available.
  7. User PC Message now uses WYSIWYG editor.
  8. Moved moderator promotion permissions from hard coded to form.
  9. Moved approval user groups from Add-on options to user group permissions.
  10. Any first question answer can now be used in report titles.
  11. Section headers no longer printed in report post/pc/email.
  12. Email now HTML type.
  13. Completely removed add-on options.
Additions not in AAF for XenForo 1.x
  1. Rich text that can be displayed below forms.
  2. Copy function to Form Types.
  3. Approve/Deny links can be displayed with promotion polls.
  4. Approving or denying a form closes a form poll if it exists.
  5. Answer color to form Misc. Options.
  6. Default answer is now usable for Single selection forum list question type.
  7. WYSIWYG editor question type.
  8. Promotion poll end date can be extended by 24 hours if the user has permission to extend form polls.
NOTE: You can not import, exported application forms from XF 1.5. But forms will be converted when upgrading from XF1.x to XF2.x.

* Limited only if you are limited in database size and/or free disk space.
Related Resources
Q: Is there any documentation for this addon?

A: Yes there is. You can find it here, https://snogssite.com/threads/advanced-forms-documentation.3677/

Q: Can each form have a different recipient? For example, once a user fills the form, can another user, who I specify while creating the form, then receive the form via Email or PM?

A: Yes, each form can have a different email, PC, or thread. They are set at the time the form is created.

Q: What happens when a user uploads an attachment to a form, and the form is set to be sent via an email? Will the recipient receive the attachment via an email?

A: Attachments are only in threads and PCs. They are not sent by email.

Q: When a user submits a form, complete answer can be posted in existing thread?

A: Yes, they can be submitted to an existing thread.

Q: Can I use a RegEx to test for character length? I want to check that the first question variable is shorter than 100 characters as that is going into the thread title..

A: Yes you can, ^\s*([^\s]\s*){1,99}$

Q: Can multiple answers be used to create the thread title?

A: Yes.

Q: I would like to ask if this add-on does support thread prefixes or not ?

A: The forms system supports setting a prefix for the thread created when creating the form.

Q: Would this addon be suitable to use for Reviews in a specific forum? For example like an extended Custom Thread Field?

A: In general if it's a form based response where people need to answer questions that you're looking for, most likely it would be usable.

Q: How do I make a question required?

A: Define an error for each question you want to be mandatory.

Q: Instead of it posting to a thread could you have it simply message a specified staff member the completed form?

A: Yes, it has options to send the completed form by email or private conversation, rather than posting to a thread. You can also do all three versions (post, email, private message) together, in addition to a "Form successfully submitted" message to the user.

Q: Can I use this addon to automatically add user applicants to any user groups on my board, right? Not just mod/admin roles.

A: You can, it gives you options to promote immediately, or to initiate a poll for voting to decide if they get promoted. You can set the primary user group, or add any secondary user groups, from your entire list of available groups. (If you want to do the poll option, just make sure the application is posted to a place where only the people you want to vote have the permission to cast votes). In addition to that, you can also just include approve/deny links for the form without a poll. And then whoever has permission to approve/deny applications would be able to do so while reading the form post.

Q: How can I change "forms" on the nav bar to what I want?

A: Edit the snog_forms_forms phrase.

Q: URLs in single line text do not appear to convert to BBCode url, is there a trick to do this?

A: On the 'Report Type' tab, check the 'Parse URLs' box.

Q: Is there any sort of control flow where to show/hide sections based on users answers to previous questions with this addon?

A: Yes, that's what conditional questions are. They are only displayed based on the answer given to a question.
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