[Pixelexit] Bolt White

XF2 Style [Pixelexit] Bolt White 2.2.6

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This update simply fixes a few minor bugs and addresses the two outdated templates that are appearing on the latest version of XF (2.2.6).

Templates changed:
message_macros (XF updates)
node_list_category (PE updates)
post_macros (XF updates)
xb.less (PE updates)

  • Optimized a background image (welcome notices) that shipped in the folder with all styles saving a ton of space! Took XenBase archive from 1.2 megs down to 140kb!
  • Changed child div's of the H2 for forum categories into spans for valid HTML
  • Prefix + user banner CSS formatting to avoid LESS compilation issues
  • Adjusted editor styling to inherit more from the style properties and not rely on our CSS
  • Changed CTA to use a contrasted color from the background rather than relying on the normal button color
Style specific changes
  • Bolt
    • Adjusted some of the colors around the style so they're not hard-coded
    • Optimized header image to reduce the archive size
    • Prefix hover style caused a bug
    • Sidebar icons are no longer floating to the right. You can add this to your extra.less if you want the float to come back:
      .p-body-sidebar .block .block-minorHeader:before, .p-body-sideNavContent .block .block-minorHeader:before
  • Omni
    • Removed a large unused image from the style folder to reduce the archive size
  • Fusion Gamer
    • Optimized some of the included images to reduce the archive size
  • Edge
    • Removed old notice images that were no longer used to reduce the archive size
  • Nova
    • Optimized some of the included images to reduce the archive size
  • Like
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  • New option to enable the icons inside the action bar. Previously, these were always on with no ability to disable them (Style properties -> Messages ->Message action bar icons )
  • Message links across multiple areas have been adjusted. Areas such as the resources and other plugins would not inherit from Style properties -> Messages -> Message links
  • Footer logo placement will now work in blocks 2-5
  • Block footer text color is legible now when used in the custom footer
  • Social icons in the footer now show in mobile
  • Share icon is no longer hidden in mobile when set to circular now
IMPORTANT: Canvas layout logo will now respect the dimensions set under Style properties -> Basic options. If you use Canvas, you made need to adjust your width/height settings here.
This brings our styles up-to-date with XenForo 2.2.3.

  • Added aria-label to the style switcher and sidebar collapse icons for accessibility
  • Editor links will inherit the CSS from Style properties -> Messages -> Message Links
  • Contrast adjustments on every style to help with Web Accessibility
  • RSS Icon in footer styling adjusted to help with Web Accessibility
  • Our custom node icon CSS will only be used if an icon is filled out under Style properties -> Node/forum list
  • Footer container no longer inherits borders / box-shadows by default
  • Search location in sub-navigation fixed when there are no sub-nav links
  • Editor popup/hover buttons corrected