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We have often been asked to create a pilot rewards system with more options to give or take points to/from your pilots. Finally we are able to present you the most advanced pilot rewards system for phpvms to date. We call the module Premium Miles and therefore the pilot does not get “points” but as the module name suggests “premium miles”.
The primary features of the system:
  • The whole system can be enabled or disabled from the admin center.
  • You can decide if there is a publicly accessible stats page where people can view the top mile pilots and latest events log.
  • Community Miles (Pilots get miles for registering at your VA and/or miles every day they visit your site.
  • Award Miles (Pilots get miles when they get an award issued. ONLY THE DEFAULT PHPVMS AWARDS SYSTEM IS SUPPORTED BY US!
  • Flight Miles (Pilots get miles for every minute they are flying, for good landings, for landing at the airlines northern most destination and for landing at the airlines southern most destination, for landing/departing at specific airports, for flying specific flight numbers,! Pilots can also lose miles for bad landings).
  • Log Miles (The system can search the flight log for specific words and add or subtract miles if a match is found).
  • Limit Access to certain modules to pilots whoo have a specified amount of miles. (For example allow access to your Charter module to pilots who have a certain amount of premium miles in their account only).
  • Limit Flight Booking** ( This option can hide specified flights from your schedule search results if a pilot doesnt have the required amount of miles – ONLY REGULAR SCHEDULES ARE SUPPORTED -> This will not work with our Charter Ops, Tour Ops, Cargo Ops, Random Flight Creator modules and other modules who handle booking in the same way as the before mentioned ones.).
  • Manually give or take miles from/to a pilot.
  • Premium Miles Shop System (You can add fictional goods or real downloads for your pilots to purchase with their earned premium miles).
  • All of the above mentioned options can be enabled/dissabled and fully configured from within the admin center.
We have provided 2 functions for developers in the readme document with which they can easily enable their modules to add or remove miles to/from a pilot based on any actions. This functionality can be used to give or take miles for almost anything possible making this really the most advanced and expandable rewards system to date.

** ATTENTION: Due to the architecture of the phpVMS core system enabling the flight booking limit requires some basic php understanding to follow the step by step instructions we have included in the admin center “Miles Booking” tab. However the process is fairly easy and can be done in just 2 minutes.
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