Report Improvements by Xon

xF2 Add-on Report Improvements by Xon 2.2.2

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  • Fix the thread link for a thread reply ban logged into the report system would display as 'posts/'
  • Fix for error "Report-message: Please enter a valid message." when using 'send to forum' feature
  • Mark report centre permissions are 'moderator' so they show up in the admincp moderator page.
  • Support content moderators and per-user permissions on super-moderators
  • Fix report comment mention & comment alerts not linking to the report comment
  • Avoid potential "[TypeError] Argument 1 passed to ....\Report::setContent() must be an instance of XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity, null given" error
  • Fix link to Report comment likes for existing likes on a report comment
  • Fix page not found warning when viewing the list of who liked a report.
Compatibility update, tweak order classes and templates are extended in.
  • Fix auto-resolve old reports job
  • Fix "Warning log: Please enter a valid title" error.
  • Improve error reporting for legacy warning to report migration process
  • Fix cron unexpectedly generating report comments for expired warnings
  • Only alert once if the user has an unread alert
  • "None" report comment alerting option
  • Fix Join Conversation function