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xF1 Add-on [TH] Post Comments 1.1

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Compatible XF Versions
1.4, 1.5
About this add-on
This add-on is designed to add a comment system for your members to discuss messages. Comments can be moderated for groups and they can be limited to forums. Comments are disabled in closed topics and forums where posting is disabled. Staff members will not be affected by this.

  • Alerts. Members will receive an alert when someone posts a comment on one of their messages.
  • Anonymous comments. Members can post comments anonymously. The other members will not be able to see who commented on their messages. However, users with the appropriate permissions will still be able to see the anonymous commenter.
  • Members are limited in their comments per day.
  • Members can edit and delete comments that they have given themselves or any comments. Editing and deleting have a time limit restriction based on minutes. Members, whose comments will be deleted, will be notified via an alert that their comment was deleted.
  • Comments can be reported.
  • Minimum comment length. Staff members will not be affected by this.
  • Maximum comment length. Staff members will not be affected by this.
  • Comment count on postbits. You can enable and disable this option via Show post comment count option in Message Elements.
  • Hot posts. You can decide how many comments a message must have received to be considered as hot. Hot messages will get a hot indicator so they can stand out from the other messages. And they can be seen via the Hot Posts link, which appears in thread view. Your members can sort messages based on comments that way.
  • Comment log. You can view all comments made on messages and you can also search for comments by members or made in posts. You have complete control of all comments by editing and deleting them.
  • Customize the background and font color of posts comments.
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