xF2 Add-on UserVoice 2.2 Beta 2

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Xenforo 2.2 will use same column names as this addon have. It's important to update addon BEFORE run Xenforo 2.2 update. Else you get conflicts on update board, and then break board on update addon.

  • rename all own columns for avoid conflicts
  • last like/dislike toggle off update total rate of idea correctly
  • basic support of Xenforo 2.2 (tested on Beta 3 version). had check all functions, but if i miss something, let me know
Fix the problem with missing alert_thread_reaction
  • Add options for define style for your like/dislike buttons. May be one of 4 variations:
    • Reaction icon (default)
    • Fontawesome icon in board style
    • Fontawesome icon in regular style (Fontawesome 4 look)
    • TMS anchor for your own design (anchor in uservoice_macro template)
  • Fix tables cleanup on uninstall
  • Like
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