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xF2 Add-on Wolt Lab Burning Board importer(5.x) Guide 1.0

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Usage instructions:
These are the steps you have to follow:
  1. Download Mybb and install it on your local machine
  2. Download the resource above, the mybb merger tool that works with wbb 5.x
  3. Put it in the mybb-root folder, eg c:\xampp\htdocs\mybb
  4. Download Xampp and install it
  5. Copy the file php.ini to the 'php' folder in c:\xampp\php and overwrite it(its contains large memory and timeout settings, its only intended for LOCAL usage.)
  6. Download XenForo 1.5.16a via your custormer panel
  7. Convert to mybb
  8. create a temp user in both systems(Xen, Mybb) that does not exist on your real board
  9. Afer converting to Mybb, just converto to Xenforo, don't touch the mybb site
  10. Install this free Xenforo addon: post-content-find-replace
  11. Use this spreadsheet to convert the html to bbcodes.
  12. If your happy with the cleaned up board, convert to Xenforo 2 and enjoy :).

Things to note:
  • Passwords don't convert from WBB to myBB, only on first login of the user(thats how they designed it)
  • Post and Topic ID's will not be the same since mybb does not retain does post and topic ID's(sigh), this does result in 404 errors!
  • Test it many times over, there will be mistakes and errors!
  • Prepare to redirect the most populair topic/board url's to there new one.
  • HTML in signatures and or conversations is not converted to BBcode
  • WBB--->mybb: Avatars worked
  • MYBB---> Xenforo: Avatars don't go over, atleast my case
  • Attachments do work and are in Xenforo
  • Permissions: Check them afterwards
  • I 'fixed' it to work with >WBB 5.x, for 4.x converts, please use the merge-tool provided by mybb

About quotes:
1) Somwhere in time, the crew behind WBB changed the order of the quote markup. This means that some quotes won't get converted to the Xenforo quote BBcodes. You will have to fix them yourselfs without any tool(unless you'll write a regex for yourself)

2) Quotes that don't have any text in between the tags will give an error, so use the preview function of the post-replace tool, indentify the quotes and remove them and or add some text between the tags, you can't procceed with the reggex if you don't do this.