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Released 2x XenForo Importers 1.3.2 Released | XFI 2.1 ENXF 1.3.2

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Today, we have released XenForo Importers 1.0.1, a maintenance release for our importers add-on. This release primarily targets bug fixes:

Some of the changes include:
  • vBulletin: Only rewrite quotes where a post ID is specified in the quote BB code.
  • vBulletin: Re-implement the blogModerators step and disable the blogUsers step.
  • vBulletin: Prevent errors when importing smilies if there are no smilies to import..
  • vBulletin: Process buddy/ignore lists correctly.
  • vBulletin: Double-encoded strings (usernames, titles etc.) are now not double-encoded
  • General: Importers are now expected to decide for themselves whether each field should have HTML entities decoded or not. You can either do this using EntityEmulator->set($fieldName, $value, [EntityEmulator::UNHTML_ENTITIES => true]) or if the value is not going to automatically pass to convertToUtf8(), you can use convertToUtf8($value, null, true) by calling it directly.
  • General: Fix some mis-titled templates and phrases in the initial release.
For the full list of bug fixes, see the Resolved bug reports forum.
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