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  • More major updates to the front portal. Make sure to check your style properties as a lot of settings have changed.
  • There are now easy options to hide the majority of article elements in case you wish to make an image based grid. Disabling expanded article elements will place some article attribution data into the image header. If you do want to use an image grid, you should make your Masonry baseline height and Article image header height equal. You should also increase the padding on the article header title.
  • Fixed a bug where youtube videos would expand outside of a grid element.
  • Fixed a bug where the grid would add horizontal scroll bars at smaller viewports CHANGELOG
  • Huge changes to the way the articles listing is represented. If things look weird to you, revert your templates and update your style settings.
    • Articles list has been redesigned in a CSS3 flex grid format. It no longer follows XenForo's built-in responsive design settings, as this is no longer needed. Instead, articles will have a baseline width set in style settings and will auto-expand and contract based on the fluidity of your skin.
    • The baseline height setting will no longer determine the height of an article's body text, but instead the height of the article brick itself.
    • The Masonry library by David DeSandro has been removed from this addon as it does not comply with flex grids. It has been replaced by a bespoke masonry library that works with flex grids. This library will not be loaded if you use a baseline height setting.
  • The feature slider widget will now hide features promoted into the future. This will allow you to schedule automatic updates to the slider.
  • You can now limit the feature slider by age. So that slides which are too old automatically phase out.
  • You can now use the entire YouTube URL for feature slider promotions. The addon will automatically strip out and capture the video ID.
  • The feature slider has been redesigned a bit and will now gracefully extend beyond the image widths on fluid layouts.
  • The XenMedio specific style properties have been moved to XenMedio. If you lose access to the style property for it, install the most recent version of XenMedio, or rebuild XenMedio if you have it already installed.
This update redesigns some of the styles of the default portal page. Check your style properties.
  • You can now define fixed width heights of your message bodies on the articles list.
    • If you use fixed widths, the addon will automatically disable the masonry library.
    • If you use image headers, the message body height will be automatically adjusted.
  • You can now choose to display a simpler "continue" button for the articles list.
  • Promoting a thread will now hide attachments which can not be used as header images.
  • Fixed the attachment galleries disappearing from threads, even if they weren't article threads.
  • Fixed the author byline block losing it's formatting.
  • COMPLETELY redid the way thread types are represented in this update. In the previous version, promoting a thread type other than "discussion" would result in a loss of that thread type's special formatting. For instance, if you promoted a question/answer thread, you would lose answer voting controls. This update makes it possible to promote any thread type, while still retaining those special controls.
A reminder that XF2.2 is still in beta and not recommended for production forums.
  • Fixed a life cycle and race condition issue related to the forced display of threads as articles.
  • Fixed a templater issue related to meta-tags on articles.
  • This release updates the addon to work with XenForo 2.2+. This is a big update, so please inform me of any issues.
  • XF2.2 adds a new discussion type system. I have decided to incorporate the articles as much as possible into this new system. I deemed this a better solution than rewriting the entire addon as it's own discussion type; as that would have been a complete rewrite, and would have forced me to charge for it as a new addon.
  • Any thread promoted to an article will force it's discussion type to "article", regardless of valid discussion types of it's parent forum. This means that if you are promoting a thread from a non-article forum; it can still be shown as an article. This will not change the discussion type in your back-end database; it only changes the thread as it is presented to the end-users.
  • Setting the "Show author byline block" option will replace XF2.2's built-in author attribution block with the XenPorta byline block. If you disable this option, it will go back to showing XF2.2's built-in block.
  • BUG FIX: The article widget will no longer show future promoted articles.
NOTE: XF2.2 is still in beta at the time of this release.
  • More updates for the feature slider. Hopefully everything is fixed now.
Every update to Chrome seems to break something else in bxSlider. It has sort of become an intellectual arms race. A fix comes out... only to have it break again in the next version of Chrome. I personally have never had any issues, so I can't even tell if these fixes are working or not.
  • This version restores swiping for the feature slider, which was disabled in the last fix.
  • Fixes click-through issues introduced with Chrome 73... maybe, again, I never had the issue, so I can't confirm.
  • Fixed some slider issues... Hopefully. The last update was a hotfix for the issue of slider click-through no longer working in the most recent version of Chrome. That fix however, broke some other features of the slider, such as the progress bar. Please inform me of any issues with this new version.
  • Fixed some abstracted image paths for people who use CDNs.