xF2 Dev Tools Pretty names and values in "User change log"

    When you update any (even custom) column of User entity XenForo automatically adds a new entry to "User change log". The only exception here is using fastUpdate() method. It directly updates the database without calling save() so any changes made that way will not appear in log. Let's say you...

    xF2 Add-on Change Content Owner 2.0.15

    Screenshots Permission Changes XenForo: Can change thread Can change post author Can change profile post author XenForo Media Gallery: Can change media owner Can change album owner Can change comment author Feature requests I'm open to both feature requests or any suggestions.

    xF2 Add-on Change Title length (STCTL2) 1.1.0

    Allows you to change the length of the thread title.

    XF 1 Tip Navtab ResponsiveNarrow-Only Tab Width Control

    There are times where your tab width's need to be crushed down a bit to make your navbar operate in a more visually appealing way for your users who browse your site's using their devices that utilize ResponsiveNarrow renderings. I found this useful on my site primarily for logged-in users when...

    XF 1 Tip Responsive AdSense

    One of the biggest concerns with 1.2 has been how to activate the responsive design while still using AdSense. Obviously as the various page widths are now totally dynamic, simply adding a Google ad slot in the normal manner won't work. Once the browser width reduces below the width of the...

    XF 1 Tip XenForo User Upgrade Change Currency

    Hello Everyone; Steep 1 : Log in Cpanel and open PhpMyAdmin Steep 2 : Find a xf_user_upgrade table Steep 3 : look and edit cost_currenct table in xf_user_upgrade table Steep 4: Learn to your money format in paypal and change edit cost_currenct value My Standart Value is USD. I change my...

    XF 1 Tip Apply CSS styling to sticky / pinned threads

    This resource is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. This is a simple edit to change the css for sticky threads only. Add this to EXTRA.css: .discussionListItem.visible.sticky, .discussionListItem.visible.sticky .posterAvatar, .discussionListItem.visible.sticky .stats { background: @inlineMod...

    XF 1 Tip Set user privacy options using SQL queries

    This resource is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. These queries will update the privacy preferences for all existing members, overriding what they have already set. These queries would typically be used after an import to reset any incorrect or unwanted values. Copy and paste the code below...

    xF2 Add-on AndyB Change author 3.3

    Description: Allows changing the author of a post. (Example of Change author link) (Example of Change author overlay) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start with changeauthor_ for your convenience. Installation: Download and unzip it...
  10. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on Username change 2.1.1

    Features Username changes If user can see username changes and meet privacy check, he will see a small triangle near username. Clicking on it will show a box with X (configurable) latest username changes (5 by default): The same works with user's info tooltips, when hovering over username or...
  11. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on AndyB Change date 2.8

    Description: The purpose of this add-on is the allow the admin to move a post within a thread. For example if you want to move post #3 to be after post #5. (Example of Change date link) (Example of Change date overlay) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features...
  12. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on AndyB Change resource date 1.2

    Description: Allows changing the date and time of a resource. (Example of Change resource date link) (Example of Change resource date overlay) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start with changeresourcedate_ for your convenience...
  13. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [XenConcept] Username Change 2.1.9

    This add-on allows the user to change their username. You can set a day number between each change. The user can make his change private so as not to show it to the other users. You can delete the change history. User "test" Option