xF2 Add-on [cXF] Light and dark mode switch 1.0.1

    Description: Add an icon to easily switch between light and dark mode style with some extra features. NOTE: dark style or any other is not included! This is just a switch for any style you have installed on your forum Features: set light and dark style ID in the options set switch icon...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Remove attachments link 1.1.2

    Description: Removes link (unlink) for attachments based on permissions. Generally, you'll set permission to remove links from attachments for guests (and robots - so they don't crawl links that are not available for opening). Example: Check the image below. With permissions set to 'Remove'...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Social Icons in Breadcrumbs 1.0.3

    Description: This add-on will add an option to show social icons in breadcrumbs. Features: show any social network Font Awesome icon in breadcrumbs show up to 5 social icons in top and bottom breadcrumb show extra contact icon in breadcrumb; on click contact form will open in an overlay set...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Widget Columns 1.0.0

    Description: With this add-on you can show widgets in columns in an easy way. There are 2 containers available where you can add up to 4 widgets. That way you can easily make a custom page like a portal with different widgets. Features: add 2 widget containers to a different location with up...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Back to top in post 1.3.0

    Description: Add an arrow to Go to top (of the page) in each post and optionally choose a position. Features show arrow to go to top on the left side of share icon in post or show arrow to go to top on the right side of post number arrow for Go to top will not show in first post Screens < on...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Add What's New beside Alerts tab 1.7.0

    Description: This add-on adds an icon (optional with text) with link to What's New page on the right side of Alerts tab or Search tab. Text beside icon is phrased so you can easily change it. It's not visible on mobile. * [cXF] Top Navigation add-on is supported Features show What's New icon...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Bookmark Post Bottom 1.0.1

    Add bookmark link to post bottom with some extra options. Features: show phrase only show phrase and icon show icon only hide bookmark link to menu when on mobile view Screens: or show bookmark link with icon: or only icon: show it on mobile: or hide it in mobile menu: style...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Hide Spoiler/Code content 1.1.0

    With this add-on you can hide the content of spoiler [SPOILER] or code [CODE] BBcode with permissions by user group. Features: hide spoiler content and show text (phrased for easy edit and translate) hide code content and show text (phrased for easy edit and translate) permissions by user...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Advertisement Positions for XFRM 1.2.0

    Add advertisements to predefined positions for XenForo Resource Manager. Simply choose position when adding advertisement in the Advertising menu in ACP. Features: above featured resources position (resource_overview) below features resources position (resource_overview) below resource list...
  10. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Add What's New beside Alerts tab 1.3.0

    This add-on adds an icon with link to What's New page on the right side of Alerts tab. It's not visible on mobile.
  11. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip [cXF] Transparent Code Background

    Instead of this: ... have this: Add code below to EXTRA.css template: .bbCodeBlock pre { line-height: 26px !important; padding: 0 10px 0 10px !important; background-image: -webkit-repeating-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,0,0,.015) 0px, rgba(0,0,0,.015) 26px, rgba(0,0,0,.045) 26px...
  12. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Advertising position after first post 1.1.1

    Description: Show ads after first post only if there are any replies. Screens: How does is work? After installing go to Add advertisement and choose position Post: After first post (by cXF).