XF 2 Tip [cXF] Sidebar block title icons

    Would you like to have icons in the sidebar block titles like this? Here's a simple DIY tutorial on how to achieve this. Below you'll find the code for most common sidebar blocks. Open your extra.less template and add this code: [data-widget-section="staffMembers"]...
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    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - Sidebar Utilities 1.1.0

    Setting Upload the src folder to public_html Go to AdminCP -> Add-ons and install Go to Options -> Sidebar Utilities to config for Addon

    xF2 Add-on [XFA] Multiple Countdowns - XF2 3.0.1

    Description This add-on lets you create an unlimited number of countdowns to be displayed either in your widgets, at the top of all pages in the header or on a dedicated page to your forum sidebar ! A page is dedicated to the complete management of the counters and accessible based on usergroup...

    XF2 Style Nulumia Source Style 2.0.10

    Source – A Digitally Inspired Xenforo Theme Bundle Source is a clean, dark and minimal style for Xenforo 1.5+. Using a soft color palette and modern UI, Source is a digital inspired theme designed around technology and coding. With powerful customization options to create the theme you want...

    XF 1 Tip Moving xenForo SideBar from Right to Left

    Just add the following CSS to EXTRA.css Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Styles & Templates -> Templates ( make you it's the correct style ) -> EXTRA.css Add the contents below and save : .mainContainer { float: right; margin-left: -{xen:calc '@sidebar.width + 10'}px; margin-right: 0px...

    XF1 Style Corp. - Metro nodes and on-canvas sidebar

    Corp is a stunning theme for XenForo that is sure to please your members. It comes by default with a bunch of node grid column configuration options, colors, and supports background images very nicely without obscuring text. Not only that, but Corp also comes by default with the sidebar in an...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Sidebar Widget Positions 1.0.0

    Widget positions you get with this add-on: What's new posts: Sidebar What's new media: Sidebar What's new media comments: Sidebar What's new resources: Sidebar What's new profile posts: Sidebar What's new news feed: Sidebar What's new latest activity: Sidebar Screens

    XF 1 Tip Add a sidebar without the visitor panel

    This resource is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. This functionality allows you to add a sidebar to a template, page, etc. without the visitor panel at the top. So for example, this is how a standard sidebar is added to a page: <xen:sidebar> <div class="messageText ugc baseHtml">...

    Xenforo 2.0 Align the titles of your blocks in the sidebar

    Add this code in your template EXTRA.less : /*aligns the text of the sidebars blocks*/ .block-minorHeader { text-align:center; } Screen : If you have questions I am here!
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    xF2 Add-on [SC] Sidebar Block - Font Awesome 1.0.0

    [SC] Sidebar Block - Font Awesome I wanted to do a tutorial but it was very long : that's why I made an extension ! This extension is small because it only applies template modifications : Installation : Download and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/SyTryC/SidebarBlockFA directory to your...
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    Xenforo 2.0 Create a usergroup legend in sidebar

    Today I will share a tutorial under xenForo 2.0 : Create a usergroup legend in sidebar ! Create a new template named usergroup_legend : <div class="block"{{ widget_data($widget) }}> <div class="block-container"> <h3 class="block-minorHeader"><i class="fa fa-user"...
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    Xenforo 2.0 Add Font Awesome icons to the blocks of your sidebar

    Today I will share a tutorial under xenForo 2.0 : Add Font Awesome icons to the blocks of your sidebar ! In your template widget_birthdays find : <h3 class="block-minorHeader">{$title}</h3> Replace by : <h3 class="block-minorHeader"><i class="fa fa-birthday-cake" aria-hidden="true"></i>...
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    Xenforo 2.0 Hide Sidebar

    Hide Sidebar ... Enter the following codes in the Extra.less template for your theme. .p-body-sidebar { display: none !important; } .p-body-main--withSidebar .p-body-content { width: 100% !important; max-width: 100% !important; padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0...