XF 1 Tip How to add webfonts to your XenForo forum so that they work in the text editor

    There is an issue with the Redactor rich text editor used for editing posts. Webfonts linked in the XenForo site don't work in it. The problem is because it uses an iFrame, which is a separate environment and doesn't have access to the loaded webfonts in the main frame. The solution to this is...

    XF 1 Tip How to customize the list of fonts in the text editor

    To change the list of fonts in the editor, you need to edit the file located at "/js/xenforo/bb_code_edit.js". The file is minified, so we will need to unfold some text. The full version is available in the "full" folder; you can copy and use that file instead if you like, but for this tutorial...

    XF 1 Tip How To Use Google Feedburner To Send Your Threads To Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

    This was originally posted on my site as a private blog to show my members how to maximize the potential of their Better Blogs. This tutorial not only applies to blogs but it also applies to your sites' forum's RSS and XenMedio RSS. So... sign into with your google account. If you...

    XF 1 Tip How to set secure file/folder permissions for Xenforo

    This guide is for folks who are wondering how "chmod" and "chown" should be applied to Xenforo. Perhaps, like me, you started messing around with those two commands trying to fix one problem, then realized you might have created a bigger problem and now you're trying to fix it. I just spent a...