1. Ally0Tti

    How to set up a private VIP section?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a VIP section but with the content blocked for all the people who are not VIP member on my forum, do you know how to do it or is there something to make sure that we don't see things like on the picture that I put you?
  2. lucius

    Discord Contact for VIP & Above Files

    I as an Administrator, I am on the ENXF Discord server pretty much around the clock minus the 4 to 5 hours I sleep. I am on Discord to either help you by answering your questions, guiding you or if I do not have the required skill to support you I find the person(s) that do. I am a very open...
  3. lucius

    VIP/SVIP/LIfetimeVIP Account Upgrade Issues

    If you purchased an upgrade, it has been over 24 hours and your account still hasn't upgraded to the purchased status, please post here tagging @ENXF NET or any other Staff or Moderator, or on Discord at this channel: Discord...
  4. J

    Upgrade VIP

    Hello, I would like to ask how you made the Upgrade VIP page. I have xenforno too but i am new user so i not so good in that. I mean this page - . What for is that addon and some tutorial how to set it up please
  5. Erely

    upgrades vip user group addon?

    What is the account upgrade xf addon? that can be upgraded to a VIP user group by paying. I created a new vip user group. What xf addon can I use to upgrade to this vip user group?

    xF2 Add-on [HA] Pricing Tables (XF2) 1.0.1

    With this add-on you can have Multiple Pages to show Prices Tables. Everything is under control of you and you can changes all the texts, number of columns, number of rows, appearance and all other things. List of Pages (also available from Navbar): Pricing Tables One Pricing Tables Two...