1. BlackGT


    Good evening! I came across a different Leak Forum .. (I won't quote the name of the competition) And there have this scripts, and I would like to know if something similar exists? Because they told me that they created it themselves .. :( Or if even someone here would be hot to create it and...
  2. ahonor25

    All custom themes don’t have stylesheets

    Whenever I install a theme in XenForo, it just breaks. I uploaded all the files, and the XML, but it never looks right. Picture is below, I am a XenForo noob, i came from MyBB.
  3. W

    xF2 Add-on XFDutch - Verified Badge 1.0.0

    Hi All, This is my first self made addon! Please let em know if you have any feedback! Description: This addon shows a verified badge sign next to the username
  4. Inamsay

    How to activate votes in 2.2.1

    Hi everyone. A few days ago I updated to version 2.2.1 and everything works "perfectly" except the votes. The votes are not visible, just let select the Solution, but do not allow voting. I already saw in the group permissions, and they are activated, but I don't know what else to do. Any help...
  5. DareDevil

    xF2 Add-on [MV] Robohash Avatar 1.1.0

    Replacing XenForo standard avatars with Robohash avatars. In the options, you can choose the type of avatar and background. Look at examples of avatars and backgrounds on the Robohash website.
  6. CALEB

    XenForo 2.0 Help with find a addon

    Does anyone know of a addon that lets a poster specify that a user can see his thread?

    xF2 Add-on [XTR] Random Tips 1.0.2

    The Random Tips add-on is allows you to show an unlimited number of random tips on your website. You can show to any content via create add-on acp option for your users who visit your website. Also you can display the random tips block different positions. Functionally you can enter any...
  8. sunmughan

    Guys please help me!

    Can you help me out center the Footer social and links in mobile view please ? Also: RSS feed not working I want Top Navigation like ENXF Like to download resource Download page not working properly (As usually displayed in ENXF Resources download page) And a Message on every resource page as...
  9. sunmughan

    How to style names with animation?

    Hi, I'm new to xenforo and i daily visit ENXF forum. I love the way they styled the usernames with animations. And i really want to apply this on my forum. Please guide me ?
  10. Adedayo

    xF2 Add-on Old Xenforo Add-ons Pack

    Download From https://www.datafilehost.com/d/c2bed24a
  11. Serialcode

    I introduce myself

    hello my name is Jessy, I am a web developer, I am a student, I like to create blogs, forums and I like doing many things, I really like the computer world, I can't find plugin that I would like to try [XenConcept] Hide BBCode, unfortunately it is paid. I'd be happy to add this to my forum if...
  12. ENXF NET

    XF 2 Tip Remove UIX footer

    Since Audentio, now known as Themehouse their latest updates from the UI.X addon. There is a new footer at the bottom of your page. Here is a little guide on how to remove it. To begin with, we go to the following location of your xenforo website: /library/Audentio/UIX/Listener/ In there you...
  13. ENXF NET

    xF1 Add-on The Following Alerts 1.3.0

    Description: Receive alerts from people who you following. This such as we watching forums then receive alerts from that. And now this also available with people (you following). Although receive alerts from that but you can select receiving alerts for each user in list of the following. How to...
  14. ENXF NET

    xF1 Add-on [8WR] Discord Integration 1.0.9

    This addon allows users to link their DiscordApp.com account to their forum account. It also links your users database directly to the roles and nicks of your Discord Guild members. Features: Allow registration/login through the Discord Oauth system. Assign roles on your guild/server based on...
  15. ENXF NET

    XF1 Style Novus // xenfocus.com 1.5.16

    Novus, which was one of the most popular skins on my site for xenforo 1.0 and 1.1 has been recoded from scratch for xenforo 1.2.x. It is a clean, modern skin, perfect for almost any type of forum. Skin features HTML Text as Logo Easily change the logo text by editing the Text Logo Value...
  16. ENXF NET

    xF1 Add-on [TH] Emojify Pro XF1 1.0.0

    Features Keep your forum’s discussion trendy by deciphering all messages into emoji filled exclamations Replace many commonly used words and numbers with emojis throughout your forum Express users’ posts visually through emojis Let users easily toggle between emoji translated messages to help...
  17. ENXF NET

    XF1 Style Flat Awesome - PixelExit.com 1.5.20

    Welcome to Flat Awesome Simply put... this style uses no images the default style would. The entire XenForo sprite, node icons, logo(optional text logo), and image gradients have been removed and replaced with font awesome. Removed in the sense the CSS has been deleted completely so there's no...
  18. ENXF NET

    XF1 Style Apex 1.5.20

    Apex is backed by an extremely powerful style framework called XenBase. It is the framework that powers all of our styles. We are constantly evolving and improving the framework to make it the best possible experience for you. It includes hundreds of options for you to customize and really make...
  19. ENXF NET

    xF1 Add-on ACP Extended (ACPE2) 1.9.2

    This Add-On features numerous enhancements for XenForo and especially the ACP, and which improve many security-relatedfunctions, the security of your XenForo. The following functions provides you the ACP Extended (please look at the images - more on xenmade.com): ACP -> Home: Displayed...
  20. ENXF NET

    xF1 Add-on [DBTech] DragonByte Mail 4.0.1

    DragonByte Mail is a professional mailing list mod with advanced subscription management features. Additionally, it has a newsletter feature that highlights your most popular threads. Uses DragonByte Mail is the perfect solution for any forum who wish to send out large quantities of mail to...