External Payment Support (Coupon)


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Nov 20, 2019


Do you want to prevent your site from affecting your PayPal and or Stripe accounts?
Is your site adult or not approved by PayPal and Stripe TOS?

Well I have a great solution you may enjoy to insulate your site from violating the TOS
This method woks for Dragonbyte Credit events as well but I don't recommend doing it that way. As it creates a TON of credit events that you cannot delete after they are used. If you want a walkthrough of that process let me know. but again NOT recommended. this is the safest way to do this.

Step 1
Sign up for Shoppy.gg OR Sellix.io (both seem to work)

Step 2
Go to https://www.voucherify.io/generator and create as many coupons youd like. Then export them to a XLS or CSV

External Payment Support (Coupon)

External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 3
Navigate to the dbtech credits/coupons section of your forum. and create a demo coupon.
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 4
Set up your coupon(s) with the requirements that you want. Note that if you wish to make different coupons you just create a demo coupon with the values that you wish for each type. you sill see why later. Create 1 Demo coupon per category with an appropriate name you can distinguish in the following steps.
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 5
This is the hard part but don't worry I got you! (skip this step if you are not comfortable with editing your Mysql database!
You will be importing an excel csv into mysql to populate the coupons.

You are now going to search for your coupon name in the SQL database. Select your database and click the search tab. Enter the name of your coupon HERE

Be patient this make take some time
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 6
Locate the result here and click "browse"
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 7
Now we have to do some tricky work. we are going to export our coupon data to another CSV so we can populate it! LEAVE THIS PAGE OPEN, DO NOT CLOSE IT.

Click the checkbox then click EXPORT and choose CSV Then open your CSV with Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program.
External Payment Support (Coupon)

External Payment Support (Coupon)

Modifying your new spreadsheet. as you can see i have added my coupon codes in the 3rd column. in the last column on the right you will have to increment the Coupon_id":1, so that it matches the Row id on the left. leave all other values alone. Excel will auto increment them once you make a few 2, 3, 4 then click and drag it should auto increment them down when you drag.. if not just change them by hand. once your done click save as CSV
External Payment Support (Coupon)

NOTE you will have to do this for every different coupon that you create so I suggest you keep a master spreadsheet handy so you can know which coupons have what values...

Step 9
Once you have set up ALL your coupon values and types into your master spreadsheet. give it a second look.. cause I am sure you may have missed something!
Now time to import! go back to your open Mysql and click the IMPORT tab!
Now were going to import our NEW table back into MYSQL
Simply click on import and chose CSV as the file type and import your new table. (be patient!)
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 10
After the import you should be able to go back to your user upgrade admin panel and see your coupons populated. if not, delete the rows of this table and start over.. no harm done :) you may have forgotten a row or have duplicate data.
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 11
Open Shoppy.gg and navigate to your products. and create a new product and fill in the product details. then make the product an item and paste ALL the codes for the coupon that you made earlier. if you have different coupons codes for different things make 1 shoppy item for each and paste the corresponding codes for that coupon below.
External Payment Support (Coupon)

External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 11
Go to your shoppy profile and you will see your item listed :)
External Payment Support (Coupon)
External Payment Support (Coupon)

Step 12