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xF2 Add-on Chat 2 by Siropu 2.1.8

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Added option to reset joined rooms for all Chat users. This can be useful if you want to set new default joined rooms or if you want to set up the Chat as a Shoutbox. The option is found in the Options user menu and requires permission "Reset user data" under "Chat admin permissions".
Fixed an issue where invalid command arguments throws an error.
Not deleting reactions when deleting messages.
Phrase issue with action logger and multiple languages.
Possible error in forum activity post notifications.
/prune forum command not deleting forum activity notifications.

P.S. I have added a templater function to display the number of unread private conversation messages: {{ siropu_chat_unread_conv_count() }} for those who want to use it in custom places.
Fixed an issue where you cannot disable rooms.
Fixed some tab CSS issues when rooms are disabled but private conversation are not.
Prevent unnecessary queries when rooms are disabled.

Note: Now, if you want to use it a shoutbox (No private conversations and multiple rooms), you must do the following:

1. Check admin option "Enable rooms" .
2. Select a room for "Default joined rooms" admin option.
3. Set user group permission "Join rooms" to 1.
4. Set user group permission "Browse rooms" to "No".
Added missing phrases.
Autoscroll not working on full page/popup in Firefox.
Issue with new lines in Firefox when you click to tag a user or send a whisper.
Users not ordered on update when using alphabetically ordering.
Chat navigation user count not updating correctly.
Potential issue with duplicating users in chatters list in some cases.
Widgets missing some attributes.
Issue with grid display in widgets.
Added permission validation for forum notifications (It will work only for notifications posted after the upgrade).
Disabling the Chat will display the button to enable on the same place.

Bugs Fixed
Chat user preferences for alerts and push notifications not displaying due to content type changes.
Message actions in a password protected room giving an error for users who cannot bypass room password.
Smilies will now be displayed in the chat bar.
Private conversations will now work with the user privacy setting "Allow users to… Start conversations with you".
User mention alerts will now display the room name. (Phrase siropu_chat_x_mentioned_you_in_a_chat_message has been changed to siropu_chat_x_mentioned_you_in_a_chat_message_in_room_x)

Bugs Fixed
Incompatibility error with TH Reactions Plus.
Member card "Start chat" displaying when it shouldn't.
Added archive option to delete multiple messages at the same time.
Added /prune command option to delete the last x messages in a room by specifying a number after it (no more than 99).
Added option to disable room tab user count.
Added option to disable conversations tab online user count or display unread message count instead.
Added chat bar option to disable chat with one click.

Bugs Fixed
Error with conversation likes.
Action logger not deleting older entries.
Embedding individual rooms on different pages can display the room with XF header and footer.
User status is displayed on chat refreshes even if the user has disabled statuses in user settings.
Issue with switching from private conversations to public chat when rooms are disabled.
Other code issues.
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Added XF's native reactions system in both rooms and conversations. It is disabled by default in Chat admin options (Enable reactions).

Added a new room option called "Room users" that allows you to give room access to certain users only. The users set there will join the room automatically and receive an alert about it. Users removed, will leave the room and get a notification. This option is permission based.

Added a new room option called "Repost in selected rooms" that allows you to automatically repost the messages posted in that room in other rooms.

Added a new user permission called "View current room messages after joining it" which allows you to hide older messages from the users who just joined the room. So basically they will be able to see only the messages posted from the time they joined the room. Permission is set to not view by default.

Added a new user permission called "Create room when starting a thread" which will add the option to create rooms when creating threads.

Added a new admin option called "Open internal links in a new tab" which will do what it says.

Added option to embed Chat outside XF in user list options for admins.

Bugs Fixed
Unnecessary queries for some phrases.
Message like not updating without page refresh.
Table BB Code not working.
Users are now removed from the list when they are not active.
User chat status is now updated when user list is updated.
Conversations can now be opened in a popup window.

Bugs Fixed
Random double update requests after some refreshes.
When using the logout feature and having rooms that users cannot leave, tabs still get removed from the chat.
Bot avatars can end up with broken images even when not using avatars.
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