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Compatible XF Versions
2.1, 2.2
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Create a membership page and customize it with tons of settings and styling options.
*note: Proceed button on pack item on the membership page leads to user account upgrade page. You can't point it directly to the payment process.
  • navigation tab, membership page and widget are added based on a user group permission
  • use route filters to change the URL for your membership page
  • show/remove page title, top and bottom breadcrumb
  • show membership page content within a block
  • optional top notice with title and description
  • optional bottom notice with title and description
  • add up to 5 membership pack items that are fully responsive
  • each pack item has a ton of styling options (set width, change colors, font sizes, add images, icons, badges, add/remove elements like titles, features, etc.)
  • add a widget for membership packs anywhere on your forum
  • the widget styling is taken from the membership page, but every element can be removed to show for instance a small version of membership packs (optional elements that can be removed: top and bottom notice, top title, image, icon, badge, main title, features, price with text)
  • use phrases to edit texts with HTML
First thing first:
  • after install check permission and set it to Yes
  • check Public navigation and move your Membership tab to a different position if you want
  • check Options and edit content (notices, items, etc.)
  • check and edit phrases, especially if you'd like to use HTML for instance for features
  • check Widgets and create a new widget for Membership page if you'd like to show your packs anywhere on your forum (remember to check Options in tab Widgets to remove certain elements)
< quick examples of membership page - you can really change almost anything (colors, content, add image, FA icon, etc.) >
[cXF] Membership Page

... with 5 packs, FA icons, top and bottom notice
[cXF] Membership Page

... with 3 packs, Pack B has greater width to highlight it
[cXF] Membership Page

... with 4 packs
[cXF] Membership Page

... with 5 packs in responsive view, last 2 packs are stretched to fill the container
[cXF] Membership Page

... with 5 packs in responsive view, last 2 packs are not stretched
[cXF] Membership Page

< example with discount text and original price >
[cXF] Membership Page
.. discount and original price elements are fully customizable in style properties.

< example with discount and original text only in one pack. You can add different discounts to any pack >
[cXF] Membership Page

< create a widget and remove elements from it in Options page to make it smaller >
[cXF] Membership Page

< permissions >
[cXF] Membership Page

< options - example for tab Pack E >
[cXF] Membership Page

< style properties groups >
[cXF] Membership Page

< style properties - general >
[cXF] Membership Page

< style properties - example for Pack A >
[cXF] Membership Page
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  1. 1.2.3

    under the hood update: added code for data-widget parameters
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  3. 1.2.1

    changed the PHP file with different approach for tabbed options option tabs are all phrased now...