MineSync, for XF2

xF2 Add-on MineSync, for XF2 3.2.4_S2.1.3

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1
Additional Requirements
Server nodes require Java 8 or higher
Copyright Removal
Team ENXF (Branding Free)
MineSync brings the gap between your Minecraft server and your XenForo forum closer, by integrating both very closely. With MineSync, you can have your players link their accounts together, sync ranks, show usernames, UUIDs and groups on posts and profiles as well as an extendible API to sync more data to your XenForo forum with ease.

  • Players can link their Minecraft account on your server to your XenForo forum
  • Players can show off their groups on your XenForo forum
  • You can choose to sync your ranks from your server to your XenForo forum, allowing users to select a display group, or administrators to link an in-game rank to a forum rank and hence allow extra permissions on the forums.
  • Simple and minimalistic, made for easy use
  • Players can have a block on their profiles and on messages showing their avatar, username and group
  • Players can have their avatar on XF be their Minecraft avatar
  • Language file system to be able to customise messages sent by the add-on
  • Configure and style MineSync to fit your community using in depth options, permissions settings and template/style properties
  • Focused on performance and load optimisation. Ideal for high player servers!
Have you ever wanted your ranks to be synced from your server to your forum? Have you ever wanted players to be able to link their server account with your forum? Have you wanted powerful MC integration into your website, with usernames, UUIDs, ranks and avatars? What about something like this:
MineSync, for XF2
MineSync, for XF2
MineSync, for XF2
MineSync, for XF2
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