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WP Plugins Smart Offers v4.7

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Creating your offer
  • Pick a product on offer and set offer price
  • Decide where do you want to show the offer and how – inline or as a popup? Or via shortcode?
  • Add display rules – when should the offer show up?
  • Pick up accept and reject actions
  • Fully customize offer design with HTML and custom CSS
  • Preview and confirm everything looks great!
Powerful targeting rules
  • Target offers based on users – whether they are registered, how long they have been customers, what products they have previously purchased, and more.
  • Target offers based on the cart status, contents, categories and total value
  • Target offers based on the page of your website – on cart page, during checkout, on order completion, and even on the “My Account” page or any other custom page.
  • Schedule offers to run automatically
Sequence offers to create high converting funnels
  • Accept / reject actions: add product to cart, remove another product from cart, apply coupons, do not show this offer again, show another offer, redirect to another page/site
  • Create powerful sequences / chained offers
  • Show different offers on cart / checkout / order complete pages
  • Or instantly checkout with Buy Now plugin
Get rid of designing…save times and effort
  • All done in three steps – select the product to offer, set the price, publish and preview.
  • Smart Offers will pick up the product name, product description, price from the available data if present.
  • Up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, BOGO, tripwire… be it any type of offer, Smart Offers will handle the designing part.
Measure and optimize
  • Dashboard widget with summary stats – revenue from offers, conversion rate, offers seen, skipped, accepted, paid through.
  • Stats for each individual offer – so you can tweak / optimize them
  • Quickly review and filter all your offers and their performance
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