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This version fixes a UI bug, that would appear with multiple selection lists having many choices changing their size when "filterable lists" plugin is applied, which would cause page flickering. Now the list has fixed height and flickering should be minimal.
This version implements stability fixes mostly targeting the Auto reload feature. Due to dynamic changes in the form in the process of updating page data based on latest filter criteria, there could be cases when JavaScript-powered fields (e.g. filterable selects, date fields) would in an invalid state (e.g. the popup opens but its parent element is removed from the page due to automatic reload and the popup remains on the page). The only way we could find to prevent such issues was to disable the form with an overlaying semi-transparent layer while we update the form via JavaScript. Users will not able to interact with the form while a request is in progress.

Users will be able to interact with the form within one second without trigger form reload and with each interaction, the reload is delayed for another second, so users can quickly select multiple options or apply other changes and the form will be reloaded with all these changes sent to the server in batch.

We also made the multiple-selection lists to show only one row if the Filterable lists option is enabled. This way, layout changes will be less noticeable while the native selection list is transformed to a filterable list.

This release also applies a definitive fix for filterable selects missing phrases and adds back two phrases (altf_km and altf_mile) that were by mistake removed in one of the latest releases.

This version also fixes the bug reported by several customers using Elasticsearch 7.x

ErrorException: [39:49] [bool] failed to parse field [must]
The release fixes a bug with the phrases used in filterable select always being in English, particularly the phrase "No results found". Now XenForo phrases will be used instead of hard-coded values.
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The version adds support for address-based filtering if you are using our Location custom field add-on. A new option is available on Add/Edit Custom field pages, to choose if filtering by this field should show range-based search options (the ZIP code/address in combination with the range in km or miles), or selection lists with available country/state/city options to choose from. The option has any effect only if you are using any of our Filter add-ons.
The release fixes an accidental issue in version 3.1.0 including older files that caused JavaScript errors in the filter form. Please apply the version asap if you have installed the version 3.1.0. or above.
Text: The update fixes the error logged in the Server Error - "Unsupported operand types". The error would accure in cases of a forum not having configured any filterable custom fields.
The release fixes an accidental issue in the last version including older files that caused different PHP errors. Please apply the version asap if you have installed the version 3.1.0.

The version also adds a missing phrase - altf_thread_field.
In some cases number type fields are used for data that does not require number formatting (e.g. if the custom field represents years, it should not be shown as "2.020" but "2020". We have added an option that allows admins to list the IDs of such custom fields, and they will not be formatted in the output.

The release also fixes a bug, that would log a PHP error in some cases if the option "Total count indicator is active".

Important Note: If you are using several of our Filter add-ons, please disable them before applying the upgrade. Upgrade all add-ons and only after that enable the products. Please make sure all other Filter add-ons are released with this feature before upgrading any of them.
The release fixes a bug with a Facet search showing the wrong number of matching results. The issue was related to Elasticsearch optimization considering only the top results, so the options that had fewer matching items would be shown as having no documents. The issue does not affect you if you are using MySQL as a search index or you are not using the Facet search option.
This release fixes a compatibility issue with UI.X themes (filter icon not shown correctly on mobiles).