xF2 Add-on [TH] Image Optimizer 1.1.2

    Image Optimizer Automatically optimize any image uploaded to your forum. Compress your photos to save storage space and bandwidth and improve your website's load time. (Currently requires Kraken, but will add support for more image optimization services soon.) General Features Optimize any...

    XF2 Style [TH] UI.X Classic

    UI.X Classic UI.X for XenForo 1 was the original flagship product from ThemeHouse/Audentio. Though the look and feel was modernized in UI.X 2, we decided to use the same colors, fonts, and general look and feel as it was back in XenForo 1. UI.X Classic has been updated with the UI.X 2 Framework...

    xF2 Add-on [XenConcept] Hide links / Medias / Images (BbCode) to guests 2.1.3

    Feature Summary Enable Disable restrict Hide links on posts to guests Customize the error message Site Web whitelist This add-on allows you to hide your link to visitors. You can customize the error message with the template "xc_hide_link_from_guests_bb_code_hide_links_visitor"

    XF2 Style [TH] Drift

    Drift Based off its XenForo 1 successor, Drift brings it's many features back to XenForo 2. From adding your own banner, choosing either a fluid or fixed website design, this theme will still work with any style you choose. More Drift Features: Standard, floating, or sticky navigation and...

    XF2 Style [TH] Class

    More Class Features: Add appealing animations as pages load on your site. The various animations can be enabled and disabled. Group pages together in the header to make navigation easier for users. Set where you want an image to have parallax and the controls for it to add a neat effect on your...

    XF2 Style [TH] iO

    iO This vibrant, minimalist theme with concepts from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines creates a professional forum that stands out. Your forum and discussions will flow with the clean and subtle design. Make iO unique with category strips that automatically change color based on your primary...

    xF2 Add-on [TH] Question and Answer Forums 1.1.4 Patch Level 2

    Question and Answer Forums Turn your forum into a knowledge base, support portal, or just a questionnaire based community with Questions & Answers Forums. Your users will be able to post a question, receive answers, and mark which answer fits the best. Bring your community together to help each...

    xF2 Add-on [TH] Bookmarks 1.0.3 Patch Level 3

    Bookmarks Whether it is a paper book or a forum, bookmarks are a key tool for staying engaged with relevant content. With [TH] Bookmarks, allow users to bookmark posts, threads, nodes, media items and resources in your forum. Users can even make notes on their bookmarks bringing even more value...

    xF2 Add-on [TH] Trending 1.0.4

    Trending Showcase your most active and relevant content so your users can find current information and get involved fast. Trending is intricately calculated by several factors based on the content type. This will aid in increasing user involvement and improving user experience by helping them...
  10. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on AndyB Welcome thread 1.8

    Description: Creates a welcome thread for your new members. (Example of Welcome thread) (Example of Options page) Features: Creates welcome thread for the new member. Creates an alert for the new member about the new thread. All phrases start with welcomethread_ for your convenience...
  11. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [TH] Donate 1.1.4

    Donate With so many expenses, your organization can often find that offsetting cost with donations is a great way to produce continued quality services and better experiences for your guests. Enter [TH] Donate, a simple yet powerful donation manager. Run multiple campaigns at the same time...
  12. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [TH] Covers 1.0.4 Patch Level 2

    Covers Give your users the ability to customize their experience by setting cover images at various locations throughout your forum. Create a personal experience for your users to keep them engaged while still having control. Administrator Features Support for static images, animated images...
  13. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on Advanced Forms 2.0.27

    Advanced Forms can be used for just about any type of form you need! Features Unlimited Form Types* Unlimited Forms* Unlimited Questions* Different Forms for each Form Type Different Questions for each Form Show Multiple Form Types in sidebar and/or navigation tab Control Form Type access by...
  14. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [XenConcept] Login As User 2.0.7

    Feature Summary Send Conversation Login as different user Usergroup permission This addon allow Connect to another user. Options : Send conversation Conversation title Conversation content Conversation options Permission : Login as different user
  15. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style [TH] Drift Dark

    Drift Dark Based off its XenForo 1 successor, Drift Dark brings it's many features back to XenForo 2. From adding your own banner, choosing either a fluid or fixed website design, this theme will still work with any style you choose. More Drift Dark Features: Standard, floating, or sticky...
  16. ENXF NET

    XF 2 Tip Advertising positions for your ads

    XF 2.0 has a lot of new positions for your ads. Twenty-four to be precisely! Below you will find visual templates to help you choose the best location for your ads. You will also find some tips I use to monetize my forum. I would love to start a discussion over here with other forum admins to...
  17. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style Neon - XenForo 2 Style

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Upload the contents of the upload directory to the root of your XenForo installation. 2. Go into your XenForo Admin Control Panel, click on Appearance menu, select Styles menu, and then click on "Import" in the left-hand navigation list. 3. Click on the upload file...
  18. ENXF NET

    Xenforo 2.0 Sub-Forums Grid

    This template modification displays the sub-forums below the parent node body. First step: Ensure the style property nodeListSubDisplay is set to "Listed below node", you can find this in Style properties > Node/forum list Template node_list_forum Find this bit of code below and copy it to...
  19. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.1.3

    Inspired by the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings", and the prevalence of "Reactions" as an alternative to the single dimensional Likes. Does not work with XF 2.1 Post Installing This add-on will require configuration, only a default "Like" is added after installing. Tools => Import Data => Import...
  20. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [XenConcept] Username Change 2.1.9

    This add-on allows the user to change their username. You can set a day number between each change. The user can make his change private so as not to show it to the other users. You can delete the change history. User "test" Option
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